Òmnium Cultural is a cultural non-governmental organisation, with more than 125,000 members and 57 years of history. Founded at the height of the 40-year Franco dictatorship on 11 July 1961, Òmnium Cultural was launched to combat the censorship and persecution of Catalan culture and to fill the gap left by the political and civil institutions of Catalonia that were forbidden by the dictatorship.

Òmnium was shut down by the Franco regime from 1963 to 1967, but it continued working clandestinely and from Paris to defend and promote Catalonia’s language and culture. As the years went by, it eventually became one of the flagship entities of Catalan civil society.

Currently, Òmnium is one of the main non-profit entities in Spain and one of the most relevant cultural entities in Europe. In Catalonia, Òmnium is undoubtedly a pillar of the promotion of Catalan language and culture, education, social cohesion, and a key defender of civil and human rights, with an increasing involvement at both European and worldwide level.

Since 2010 Òmnium is the group that has carried out the largest peaceful demonstrations in Europe, along with the National Assembly of Catalonia (ANC), in support of the people of Catalonia´s right to democratically decide their own political future by means of a self-determination referendum.

Òmnium is 99% funded by its membership, with only 1% of its funding coming from grants from the Government of Catalonia for specific cultural projects. Its budget for 2018 is over 7M Euros. It has 44 branch offices and 90 people in its staff.

We promote language,
social cohesion and education

We defend your
rights and freedoms

We offer cultural

In figures






branch offices



2015 - present

Jordi Cuixart i Navarro

  • Joaquim Torra i Pla


    Joaquim Torra i Pla

  • Muriel Casals i Couturier

    2010 - 2015

    Muriel Casals i Couturier

  • Jordi Porta i Ribalta

    2002 - 2010

    Jordi Porta i Ribalta

  • Miquel Bes i Calzadilla


    Miquel Bes i Calzadilla

  • Josep Millàs i Estany

    1986 - 2002

    Josep Millàs i Estany

  • Joan Carreras i Martí

    1984 - 1986

    Joan Carreras i Martí

  • Joan Vallvé i Creus

    1978 - 1984

    Joan Vallvé i Creus

  • Pau Riera i Sala

    1968 - 1978

    Pau Riera i Sala

  • felixmillet-300x300

    1961 - 1968

    Fèlix Millet i Maristany

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