Freedom for all catalan prisoners and exiles

Taking advantage of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of tourists in Catalonia during the summer months, from Òmnium Cultural we have launched a campaign to denounce the low democratic quality of the Spanish State. With the slogan “Freedom for All Catalan Political Prisoners & Exiles” we will explain to tourists from all over the world that there are details of the Spanish State that, surely, their travel guides do not explain. We are talking about the democratic regression that we live in the State, the deterioration of fundamental rights, the existence of political prisoners and exiles or the police repression of October 1. We awaken awareness and, in turn, we internationalize the political situation of Catalonia.

Tomorrow it could be you

‘Tomorrow it could be you’ is a new pro-civil rights campaign that denounces the regression of democratic standards that Spain has been experiencing over the last several years. By denouncing blatant violations of human rights, such as freedom of speech or the right to free assembly, we aim to raise awareness among our fellow citizens of this worrying situation.

This campaign is carried out by Òmnium Cultural and four pro-human rights associations: Institut de Drets Humans de Catalunya (The Catalan Human Rights Institute), Irídia – Centre per la defensa dels Drets Humans (Irídia – Pro-human rights centre), Institut Internacional per l’Acció Noviolenta (International Institute for non-violent action) and Fundació per la Pau (The Peace Foundation)

We want you back home

With this campaign, we want to make visible the multiple peaceful actions that are being carried out to demand the release of Jordi Cuixart, Jordi Sànchez and the other nine members of the Catalan government that have been imprisoned since October 2017, as well as the return of the exiles.

There is a website where everyone can be informed of the current legal situation and of the critical voices that have risen up against this injustice.