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Fer-te soci té beneficis fiscals. A més, com a benvinguda, et regalarem aquest domàs.

Become a member by phone (+34) 93 319 80 50 

From Monday to Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm. Friday from 9 am to 7 pm.

Why should I become a member of Òmnium?

Òmnium Cultural is a non-profit organisation that defends the Catalans’ civil rights and freedoms. For over 55 years, it has worked to promote the Catalan language, social cohesion, education and culture and has aimed to build an active, critical, inclusive and civic society through these values.

The importance of Òmnium’s work lies in its background and consistency. We carry out informational and awareness-raising campaignsevents and projects related to culture, social cohesion and education.

Its more than 115,000 members grant Òmnium financial independence, so please join if you haven’t yet, because we need you. Only if there are many of us can we defend your rights and freedoms. Help us by joining Òmnium!

We promote language,
social cohesion and education

We defend your
rights and freedoms

We offer cultural

If you’re thinking about it, you can…

Fiscal benefits

Ser soci d’Òmnium o fer una donació desgrava! Som entitat declarada d’Interès Cultural


Central government


of the first €150

You can deduct 80% of all the donations made to NGOs and foundations up to a maximum of €150


of the first €150

You can also deduct 35% of the amount of your donations beyond the first €150


from the third year on

If you donate the same amount or more for three years in a row, you can deduct 40% of the amount of your donations beyond the first €150 instead of 35%

Autonomous community


Taxpayers residing in Catalonia may deduct 15% of the amounts donated, without being able to surpass 10% of the total owed autonomous community taxes



of the tax base

The base of this deduction cannot exceed 10% of the tax base for the tax period. Amounts that exceed this limit may be applied during tax periods ending in the next 10 successive years.