Everything ready for Saturday’s demonstration in Madrid in favour of the right of self-determination


The different political parties and associations within the Catalan self-determination movement are finalizing the last details of the great joint demonstration which will march down the Paseo del Prado in Madrid on Saturday, March 16, in order to defend that self-determination is not a crime. The front of the demonstration will head out at 18:00 with the slogan “Self-determination is not a crime. Democracy means deciding”.

Over the last few weeks, arrangements have been made for buses to take participants to Madrid from all over Spain. Currently, the count stands at 400, almost 360 of which will leave from Catalonia and over 40 from the rest of Spain. Many trains will also be heading towards Madrid, with approximately 10 high-speed trains being currently full or semi-full.

Saturday’s demonstration is expected to be very pluralistic and diverse, as demonstrated by the great number of organizations and associations that have joined the call, not only in Spain but also throughout the rest of the peninsula. Beyond the organizing associations and political parties (Catalan National Assembly, Òmnium Cultural, JxCat, ERC, and CUP), there will be representatives from the Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, and Aragon, along with several syndicates.