Jordi Cuixart to present his testimony at the Spanish Supreme Court


Jordi Cuixart will testify before the Supreme Court today. During his defence, the activist and president of Òmnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, will answer the questions of his defence lawyer and the prosecution but will not respond to VOX nor the State Attorney. According to him, the state attorney, and therefore also the Spanish Socialist Party, is criminalizing the president of a cultural organisation.

In a radio interview Thursday morning, Òmnium Cultural’s vice-president, Marcel Mauri, stressed that Cuixart wants to emphasize that “in the face of unfair laws, it is legitimate to disobey. And the fact that the defendants are being asked if they are members of Òmnium shows that this is a political trial. The Franco regime closed down the entity, and democracy incarcerated its president,” he said.

“It is incompatible with the rule of law to consider massive and peaceful demonstrations a crime”

“This trial is a collective defeat of Spanish society,” said Jordi Cuixart’s defence lawyer Benet Salellas before the trial started on February 12. Salellas insisted that “there is no fundamental right to the unity of Spain but there is a right to peaceful assembly.” In this regard, the defence of Cuixart defended the fundamental right to peaceful assembly and regretted that the president of Òmnium Cultural is accused of rebellion for “practising it and defending it.” “It is incompatible with the rule of law to consider massive and peaceful demonstrations a crime” he warned. “If the ones exercising fundamental rights are being prosecuted, the message you give the citizens is that the exercise of these rights is limited,” he concluded.

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