The defense of Jordi Cuixart requests that the Supreme Court remove VOX from the private prosecution


The writ argues that the far right makes a fraudulent use of private prosecution in order to produce electoral propaganda

Tuesday, October 25, 2018, Barcelona – The defense of Òmnium Cultural’s president, Jordi Cuixart, requested that the Spanish Supreme Court remove the VOX political party from the private prosecution against him. In the writ, the defense argues that VOX makes a fraudulent use of this judicial mechanism, which is intended to allow people to participate in the judicial process, rather than to produce electoral propaganda, which is precisely what is being done by this far-right political group. Precisely today, the European Parliament urged all EU member states to make parties that glorify fascism illegal.

The defense of Jordi Cuixart highlights the fact that the founding principles of VOX, which are reflected in their party electoral program, run counter various international treaties in defense of human rights and against discrimination, which have been ratified by Spain. Because of this, it requests that the court expel VOX from the private prosecution before the next phase of the trial begins.

With the publication of its party program, as well as the discourse it carried out during the event it held in Vistalegre on October 7, it has become even more evident that this political party is making a fraudulent and partisan use of private prosecution within the criminal procedure. The one true aim of VOX, as argued in the writ, is to use the courtroom as a public loudspeaker to spread its ideology for electoral propaganda.

At this point, the lawyers remark that the foundational ideology of VOX violates several articles of the Spanish Constitution, since it denies the home-rule powers of the Spanish regions and the national rights of the peoples of Spain, among others. The defense team’s request has precedent and is based on current law, and it stresses that it is defending the president of Òmnium Cultural, an entity that has been committed to social cohesion and the fight against all forms of discrimination from the day it was founded.